The Software

This book is a website, albeit a website that looks and acts like an ebook. The software is publicly downloadable at

I haven't got all of it working yet. A search-able index will happen at some point as well as a builds-every-night conversion to a downloadable epub3 version so those who want to read it on Kindle, Google Playbooks, Mobi, Lithium etc. can do that too.

The reason for making it primarily a website--that looks and acts like a book--is all about embedded video. You can't put video in a paper technology book and video is too big to store on a phone. Video on a phone has to streamed down from a remote server, viewed on-the-fly and then discarded as you view it. Not all epub readers support streaming video yet. In another few years I doubt that will be the case. Streaming video in epub format is still a problem in 2021, so hence the book-like website. Once the epub readers catch up to video I'll be ready for that too.

There are a few other minor points. On a Kindle or Google Playbook you also have a collapsible table of contents, complete with NextPage PrevPage and LastReadPage mechanisms. But with most epub readers if you use the TOC (table of contents) to explore other parts of the book your LastReadPage setting gets over-written. That drives me nuts. If you get curious and click through to glance at the last chapter for instance, your LastReadPage is suddenly pointing to the last chapter. It can take you 20 minutes to find the real LastReadPage again.

My TOC does not reset the LastReadPage cookie, only the NextPage and PrevPage buttons do that. So you are free to surf around the book at any time and then instantly return again to where you last were, with one quick click on the LastReadPage button.

YouTube is a great teaching tool but it's video only. Well-written text and video combined as a coherent integrated whole is the mojo digital future. It is so because I hath spaken.