Where we are today

The pages that follow display flies tied by me and by contemporary Northern Rocky Mountain tiers. Most of them are friends of mine. Most but not all are retired or still active fishing guides. I'll also include at least a few links to pages and videos on the internet made by up and coming new tiers. And even a few photographs from local fly tying nights in my home town Bozeman, Montana. I want this to be a collection of contemporary old farts and promising up and coming youngsters.

Well known tiers not included here are not being snubbed. It's just that we do not know each other yet. Call me. Write to me. Perhaps we can change that.

Note too I haven't figured this part out yet. As of 23_Mar_2022 I'll be writing and organizing these pages on the fly, starting in approximately six months from now. It's fishing birding and boat building season now.