Mayan Chicken Stew

mayan temple


Cut up one or more chickens
sweet red pepper
salsa casera
....simmer it all as a low temperature stew
Brown and render the chicken separately
De-fat the rendered chicken juice and add it (the chicken juice) to the stew early on

Can grill or bake the chicken separately, slowly and add it to the stew before serving
or just add the chicken to the stew now, immediately after rendering the fat

Serve on rice and beans with melon or papaya on the side. And with cole slaw

Mayan food is rice and beans served with fruit on the side, sometimes but not always with other stuff on top of the rice and beans. Coleslaw is a Mayan staple too.

Recado (all-purpose tongue joy in a spice jar--good on fish too)

1-1/2 ts ground anciote sead (anato)
1/2 ts coriander
1/2 ts black pepper
1/2 ts cumin
3 cloves
2 ts oregano
too much garlic (powder or fresh)
1 ts salt
2 tbs white wine vinegar or Seville orange juice (can make power in advance, and add the liquid during cooking)

Salsa Casera -- mild or hot, as you like it

canned (drained chopped) jalepeno
chopped celantro
lemon juice
olive oil
jalepeno liquid from can, added after mixing, to achieve the right consistency

This goes in the stew as part of the cooking process. But it's good salsa too. On the side. In its own right.